D.M. Hamblin

Once Broken received 2018 Best Women’s Fiction Award from N.N. Light’s Book Heaven!

2018 has been one tough year.  In fact, it’s the tail end of a few tough years.  At the end of 2016, a seemingly mild rear-end auto collision resulted in the most severe sciatica pain imaginable … which resulted in triple spinal fusion surgery in early 2017 … which resulted in nerve damage causing left leg neuropathy and foot drop.  2017 was a frustrating year of deceleration and intense rehabilitation.  I took on 2018 with a surge of hope and determination.  January was spent creating a vision board that depicted a full range of health, finance, career and writing goals.  With the help of this magnificent universe, I planned to tackle it all!  2018 would be MY year!  By February 14th, I was on a roll.  I had my daily rehab exercise plan in motion. I was following a

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Twice Loved, Now Available!

I’m delighted to announce that TWICE LOVED, the sequel to ONCE BROKEN, is now available on Amazon!

Twice Loved is a stand-alone novel, set in Metrowest Boston. Jackie Martin pulled herself up by her bootstraps to survive single parenthood and mend emotional wounds from childhood. She put herself through law school, while raising a strong, confident daughter, Gina Martin Baker. Through the power of forgiveness, Jackie and Tony, Gina’s father, reconciled by recalling the love they shared three decades before. Twice Loved, picks up Jackie’s story as she and Tony become grandparents for the second time. Now, in her mid-50’s Jackie is enjoying the fruits of her labor. She is financially secure, is comfortably in love with Tony and is basking in the joy of her growing family; but, not without life’s challenges. Containing true-to-life dialogue and gripping suspense, Twice Loved is a tale about how aging affects

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to say that, my third novel, Twice Loved has finally been submitted to be formatted for publication!

2017 was a challenging year! I was in a car accident that led to back surgery, which resulted in nerve damage and 10 months of foot drop! My time spent with Jackie, Tony, Gina and company was the highlight of my year.

Thanks so much to the Once Broken readers who clamored for more! There were a lot of adventures for them to take. Test readers say this is my best book yet! I hope you’ll agree! I expect it to be released sometime next month. I’ll keep you posted, of course!

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Again, You Have the Power!

Again, YOU have the Power!

Thanks to everyone who has read, purchased or plans to purchase and read  A Debt to the DevilI am so grateful that, as of today, it has 15 Amazon reviews. But it needs many more to get any recognition on the wide world of Amazon. If you’ve read A Debt to the Devil and haven’t yet submitted a review, now’s the time! Everyone who posts an Amazon review during the month of August will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 American Express gift certificate. In order to be entered, just post your review and message me to let me know which review is yours if your Amazon public name is unrecognizable.

If you haven’t yet read A Debt to the Devil, I hope you’ll consider adding it to your summer reading list! If you have read

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Twice Loved

So excited!

I just finished the third (and hopefully final) revision of Twice Loved! What a challenge it has been. Writing is hard enough. But the emotional and physical efforts I’m putting into nerve damage rehab (so that hopefully I WILL walk again without needing the aid of walker) added a whole new level of challenge. But today, I got there!!! I’m now printing several copies and sending it to test readers this weekend … for the second and hopefully, the last reading. Once Broken fans are in for a treat!!!


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