D.M. Hamblin

IR Top Pick!!!

Just want to share the excitement! This week Once Broken received a professional review from IndieReader. In exchange for payment, I was guaranteed an honest review, not necessarily a good review. But Once Broken received 5 Stars! As if that wasn’t enough it’s an “IR TOP BOOK PICK”!

IndieReader Review also says “Key to Hamblin’s writing style is the engaging dialogue between her well-defined cast.”

I’m amazed and delighted.

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IndieReader Review

I paid IndieReader for a professional review of Once Broken. The payment guarantees an honest review, not necessarily a good review. I am ecstatic to report, Once Broken got 5 stars! BUT… the best part is the IR Verdict: “With a slight flavor to Nicholas Sparks’ moving romance stories, ONCE BROKEN is an unforgettable read with wide audience appeal.” NICHOLAS SPARKS COMPARISON! Holy crap! <3 (cover is wrong though, trying to fix that) http://indiereader.com/2016/07/tale-love-hate-power-forgiveness-broken/

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Results of the Give Away

During the 5 day Once Broken giveaway, an astonishing total of 8,821 books were downloaded! I was hoping for 500! Not sure what to expect now – hopefully lots of Amazon reviews, new email addresses for the DM Hamblin email list and maybe even sales? We’ll see! After the giveaway Once Broken ratings sank back down. But whatever, it’s all new to me! This journey is definitely a marathon and definitely not a sprint!

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Happy Fourth!!

Happy Fourth!! I finished the manuscript for my first novel, Once Broken on July 4th, 1995. Today, twenty-one years later, I just finished the manuscript of my second novel, A Debt to the Devil… Interesting, I think. Something to ponder this afternoon, while floating in the pool – Along with my Amazon stats at the moment, #3 Kindle e-book contemporary fiction/romance, and #7 Kindle e-book Women’s Fiction! It’s an amazing day. Anyone’s who read and loved Once Broken, please post a review on Amazon. Your effort makes a powerful difference!

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Download your Kindle version of Once Broken for free today through July 4th – just in time to kick back with a good summer read!

Here’s a recent review that I hope will inspire you to download your copy over the weekend.

“If you graduated high school in the 70s, this will be a nostalgic page turner. For everyone else, the issues are timeless and will resonate and pull you in. The well developed characters will feel familiar and as they make life choices. You will be cheering, screaming, smiling, snarling on the sideline. Fabulous debut novel.”

Feel free to spread the word to your friends!

Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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Thirty Reviews in Five Weeks!

So excited! Once Broken just reached 30 reviews on Amazon with 5 stars – in just 5 weeks! When it was first listed it ranked 179,833. Now 5 weeks later, it ranks 10,807 in Women’s Fiction! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a review – you made all the difference!! And, those of you who haven’t yet posted one, I’d be forever grateful if you did. If you haven’t read it and want to order it, that’s works too. 🙂

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You Have The Power!

I attended an online seminar the other day on self-publishing. The presenter said that an Amazon review is more important and will sell more books than a NY Times review! That means, you have the power!

I am so proud and delighted to say that, as of today, Once Broken has 24 rave reviews on Amazon! That’s more than I had hoped for after just one month on the market! I am so grateful to every person who took the time to read and review my debut novel!

If you’ve read Once Broken and haven’t yet submitted a review, now’s the time! Everyone who posts a review on Amazon in the month of June will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 American Express gift certificate. In order to be entered, please message me to let me know which review is yours if your Amazon public name is

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