D.M. Hamblin

You Have The Power!

I attended an online seminar the other day on self-publishing. The presenter said that an Amazon review is more important and will sell more books than a NY Times review! That means, you have the power!

I am so proud and delighted to say that, as of today, Once Broken has 24 rave reviews on Amazon! That’s more than I had hoped for after just one month on the market! I am so grateful to every person who took the time to read and review my debut novel!

If you’ve read Once Broken and haven’t yet submitted a review, now’s the time! Everyone who posts a review on Amazon in the month of June will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 American Express gift certificate. In order to be entered, please message me to let me know which review is yours if your Amazon public name is unrecognizable.

The winner of May’s drawing is Kathleen Dunne! Congratulations Kathleen!

If you haven’t yet read Once Broken, I hope you’ll consider adding it to your summer reading list! If you have read it, please recommend it to your friends.

By the end of June, the first manuscript of A Debt to the Devil, a murder mystery, (very good plot line, if I must say so myself) will be complete. Of course, from there it’s edit… rewrite… edit… rewrite…  Target date for release is January 2017.

I am so grateful to have to opportunity to do what it is I truly love to do. And, even more grateful to know that readers are enjoying it too!