D.M. Hamblin

A Debt to the Devil

Liz (Andrews) Ericson is an intelligent, hard-working entrepreneur, with a trusting heart, especially when it comes to her husband, Matthew Ericson. After struggling with childhood obesity and losing fifty pounds, Liz met Matthew, a handsome and charismatic Texan. By the third year of marriage, Liz starts hearing of whispers and suggestions of her husband’s infidelities, but is unable to see through her husband’s expert manipulation … until the day she’s presented with undeniable proof. A Debt to the Devil is a romantic thriller with many twists and turns through Liz Ericson’s life, from the emotional damage caused by being an overweight adolescent to her efforts to free herself from the emotional claws of her sociopathic husband.

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Reviews for A Debt to the Devil

Someone Call Hollywood! This needs to be a movie if ever I saw one.”
Rich Aucoin

“Couldn’t Put It Down … I read this book in one night...it kept me interested and engaged, and the twists and turns in the book will surprise you. As a mental health therapist, the intriguing issues in the main relationship in the story are fascinating. This book is based in my hometown of Waltham, MA and it brought back memories of wonderful times, places and friends. Great job, Denise...can't wait for the sequel!”
Barbara J. Hayes

“Wow, just wow … This is one that will keep you interested and emotionally invested. The book took a turn and you are side blinded by it all. Such a good read, you will not be disappointed.”

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