D.M. Hamblin

Once Broken received 2018 Best Women’s Fiction Award from N.N. Light’s Book Heaven!

2018 has been one tough year.  In fact, it’s the tail end of a few tough years.  At the end of 2016, a seemingly mild rear-end auto collision resulted in the most severe sciatica pain imaginable … which resulted in triple spinal fusion surgery in early 2017 … which resulted in nerve damage causing left leg neuropathy and foot drop.  2017 was a frustrating year of deceleration and intense rehabilitation.  I took on 2018 with a surge of hope and determination.  January was spent creating a vision board that depicted a full range of health, finance, career and writing goals.  With the help of this magnificent universe, I planned to tackle it all!  2018 would be MY year!  By February 14th, I was on a roll.  I had my daily rehab exercise plan in motion. I was following a

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Are you a fan of This is Us?

NN Light Book Review says if you are a fan of the hit show “This is Us” you MUST read Once Broken … “A tear jerker, a heart warmer, a book that will challenge your thinking and enrich your soul.” I’m so privileged to have Once Broken compared to This Is Us!


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